Neutral Colocation in Nepal

About Us

Dataspace is the first neutral co-location and data-center facility in Kathmandu. We are the only telco hotel operation in Nepal. We provide you space for hosting your own servers, and provide virtual servers on our hardware with your choice of Operating System. The facility in central Kathmandu is equipped with redundant power backup system, is staffed 24×7 and provides international level co-location facility.

Dataspace is not owned or operated by any single provider, and has fiber optical connection from multiple providers. Many of the service providers choose to co-locate their Point of Presence (POPs) in the facility, and offer full range of services. For non-operators, this means you choose your own service provider either for local intranet connections, or international transit services. Being a telco hotel, Dataspace provides the best way to connect to multiple providers within Nepal.

Dataspace Customers

ISP/NSP Pops at Dataspace