Neutral Location

Since Dataspace is not owned or managed by any single ISP or telecom provider, you can host your equipment here without having to buy services from a particular provider. You also get to select multiple providers for services, decreasing your dependency on a single provider.

High Speed Local Access

Since all major providers in the country are present in Dataspace, you can provide high speed access to all your customers irrespective of the provider they are connected to. This is useful for hosted applications providers. It’s also beneficial to colleges who provide online systems to their students through the Internet.

Solution to Power Problems

Given the ongoing power problems, it is very expensive to run your own 24×7 mail server at your own offices. It’s not just enough to prepare your own facility, but also hope that the provider serving you also has adequate infrastructure in place along the path to you. With the Dataspace shared co-location and virtual Co-location products, you can get the benefit of running your own server, but not have to worry about keeping it up and running.

Multi-homed Connection

In Internet parlance, when you connect to two more internet service providers and get seamless and automatic failover, it’s called multihomed connection. At Dataspace, you get this facility, ensuring that your servers are reachable even if one of the ISPs’ connection has failed.

Professional International Model

In all developed countries, companies host their servers and hardware at professionally run and managed co-location centers. It negates the needs to develop extensive facility of your own and also removes the need for extra staffing.

The best of the lot

Dataspace is managed and run by experts who have experience and exposure with working with many datacenter and collocation facilities around the world.